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Best Adult Affiliate Programs for Camgirls

I’ve been doing adult affiliating for the past 2 years and my revenue has grown a lot in that time, so I wanted to share some of the best programs the adult world has for cams and porn in general.

Chaturbate logo earnings

Chaturbate is still the king of cams after all these years and the revenue affiliates get from the program are amazing. Here’s a recent snapshot of earnings from Chaturbate:
Chaturbate earnings

They have the best layout for their cams and they are the most popular right now. Most of the camgirls you see on adult tube sites come from their site as they are the best and most popular. You have the option of going PPL or Revshare with them and I STRONGLY suggest you choose revshare as it’s the better earner in the long term. It will take them to generate whales and possible customers, but it’s all worth it at the end. There’s some upcoming camgirls websites that try to dethrone them, but it’s pretty hard when most of the well known camgirls are on Chaturbate.


BongaCams and their affiliate program BongaCash is another one of the big Cams websites. Their website is prettier in my opinion than Chaturbate, but the quality of the camgirls is not. I do not personally promote them right now, but I know some members from BlackHatWorld that love them and their affiliate program. Their revshare offers are very similar to the one from their main rival Chaturbate.


Stripchat and their affiliate website Stripcash, is the most promising cam site to maybe dethrone Chaturbate one day. They have an amazing website layout and good offers for new customers. They also have VR cams which many other camgirl sites do not have right now, so they are ahead of the curve there. Their revshare offer is also similar to the other major camgirls websites so it’s up to you to choose the one that fits the most with your traffic.

Those are the major ones I use or recommend right now, there’s many others in the market, but those three are really the forefront of the camgirls affiliate marketing.

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